*Please bear with me, a complete technophile, as I attempt to get the site ready*


If you are interested in hiring any of the shoes we have available you can call me on 07870643515 or message via pm on the Facebook page while I figure out how to ‘do’ business email addresses! lol

The intention is to have shoes categorised by brand first and then sizes with an additional section for Vegan shoes and another for Wedding Shoes to hire. Eventually I will be able to include a booking calendar to the site so that you can make your choice and select a date right here. In the meantime, please do not be afraid to get in touch, i’m really rather friendly.

Tell me more…

Until the complex (for me, not you) booking system is in place you will have to call 07870643515 or pm the Facebook page and have a chat the good old fashioned way.

Once you have made your selection and booked the date I will take obvious name and address details and the details of a credit card as a form of security deposit. Your card WILL NOT be charged unless conditions of hire are breached. Feel free to request a copy. You will however receive one and agree before shipping commences or any payment is taken. Prices start from £15 for a 48 hour hire. Please enquire about longer durations.

The designated courier will collect from me and give you a 2 hour time slot on the day of expected delivery, jump around with glee when they arrive, take them out of the box (no original boxes are sent) admire them in all their beauty, slip onto your soles and tear up that dancefloor!

At the end of your hire term the courier will also collect from the address given and again give you a 2 hour timeslot so that you are not waiting in all day. You can then post all about them, with photos if you wish, on social media and don’t forget to hashtag #sendmeshoes or tag me in your posts. I love to see how happy shoes can make you.

What about Cleanliness…

You may be wondering about the hygiene aspect and that is cool. Read on below.

All shoes are cleaned, sanitised AND disinfected both before AND after hire and most are treated with a waterproofing agent to protect.

Marks and surface dirt are brushed or wiped, the insides are treated with an Ultra Violet Sanitizer which uses a method called Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation which kills the bacteria associated with Athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and odours…Eeeew! and it causes no damage to the shoe or the ozone. Yay! They then get a light spritz of a fresh smelling disinfectant spray just to make doubly sure.

Each pair hired comes with a complimentary pair of disposable footsie tights too. Whether you wear them or not is completely your choice though.

Show me the Shoes!!

Irregular Choice Shoe Hire


Ruby Shoo Shoe Hire


Iron Fist Shoe Hire

Find out more by joining our group or call me on 07870643515 You know you want to…