Have you heard about us?

Are you wondering whether you should take time out of your day to pop in? 🤔

Here are 10 Reasons NOT to, just in case you were undecided…😜


You want cheap, uninspiring, meaningless cards and gifts

You’ll want to go to a high street retailer for mass-produced goods from China for that 👌


You are looking for a craft shop

Although we proudly stock SOME handcrafted items from British small businesses, not ALL of our items are, and we prefer to view them as SO much more than just ‘crafts’ they are special, high quality, totally unique gift ideas 😘


You are a delicate wallflower

We have some (really quite awesome) tongue in cheek, rude and downright offensive products in our range. We keep out of reach of the little ones but if you are easily offended it’s probably best to steer clear in case you come across anything distasteful 😜


You want a ‘normal’, generic gift

We don’t do ‘normal’, whatever that is, here at Eclectica we like to help you embrace your quirks. Everyone has a little off-beat side to them and that is the side that WE are interested in and want to coax out 😁 Although we do have something for almost everyone.


You want to buy shoes

Since we launched Eclectica Statement Shoes we have had offers to buy the shoes we have available. Currently, we are a hire service although have some ideas in the pipeline moving into 2019 so that may be set to change.


You are super organised and uber-efficient

We like to help, remind you about cards and wrap items in tissue at the point of sale, as well as offer a gift wrapping service for those in need. You might just make us feel redundant! 😂


You don’t have time to browse

We are rammed to the gallows with funky gift products so you need to allocate yourself a good portion of time to see it all ⌚⌚⌚


You hate kids

Sorry, not sorry, but I’m a kick-ass, business owning mum of 3 and there will usually be at least 1 of them with me… Don’t feel bad though, I couldn’t stand kids until I had my own, and sometimes still can’t!! 😏


You oppose payment plans or card services

To make things easier for our guests we offer payment facilities by cash or card, a savings stamp scheme and a layaway service for higher-end items.


You prefer to shop online

OK, fair enough, I do with a lot of things too. You can actually shop with us HERE,  although you will be missing out on the one of a kind items that we have in store because, to be honest, it’s a ball-ache to keep track of inventory with one-offs! 😂


If none of the above apply to you, then I’m pretty sure you’ll LOVE us. But I would say that!!  There’s only one way to find out for yourself!