So, you love shoes…..?

No way! Me too!

Welcome to Eclectica!


Embrace your quirks with a range of funky footwear all available to hire nationally and delivered to the address of your choice via national courier.


Have a wedding imminent? Managed to book a night off without the kids?

Going to Prom or Comi-con?


Let me guess. You would love nothing more than splash out on a beautiful pair of shoes to grace your tootsies but you can’t justify spending the money.

Perhaps you live and die in Doc Martens, the kids always need new stuff (why do they have to keep growing?) or you rarely get a chance to go ‘out, out’ so big spends on gorgeous heels are not your priority because they will only sit and gather dust for the rest of the decade!

You don’t want to blend into the crowd either. You like to make a statement without being the centre of attention and feel good in what you wear.

Or maybe you are a mega fan of Irregular Choice, Ruby Shoo or Iron Fist too, even owning a few (*ahem) pairs and dream of a reality where you go to your walk-in wardrobe to pick a different pair to wear each day only problem is that today you just don’t have the room and you are NOT parting with any of your collection!


Well, that’s where I come in…



The UK’s FIRST Irregular Choice, Ruby Shoo & Iron Fist Shoe Hire Service!

People just can’t help but comment on these statement shoes, in a good way! Be prepared for smiles a-plenty when you adorn a pair of Irregular Choice, Ruby Shoo or Iron Fist shoes and see the raving fans reveal themselves as they make a beeline for you to compliment your choice.

Go on…Take a look at some of the styles on offer (please bear with me as I try to master web design) and get in touch to book a date.

Hire starts at only £15 for a 48 hour period where you can feel proud to parade yourself. A national courier will deliver and collect from an address of your choice and give you a 2 hour time slot of when to expect delivery and then collection at the end of the term. Extended periods are also available so if you need the Irregular Choice ‘Oh My!’ Mickey Mouse heels for your Disney holiday just holler.

Learn more about hire here…

No extra upfront costs.

With the exception of postage (and I even cover the cost of returns for you) there are options to take out additional insurances, purchase heel grips, insoles and various accessories, but that is your choice. There are no compulsory extras to pay.

Instead of adding the cost of a refundable deposit to your order a credit card is required to take the booking as a security deposit (cards will not be charged unless breach of terms & conditions – available on request) so if under 18 please get a parent/guardian to hire on your behalf.

So scour the pages, bookmark for later, follow on Facebook or join the group and choose ‘Send Me Shoes’ for your next function.

Hanna x